Tips for reporting

What should I bear in mind when making a report?

You can report any indication or suspicion of the sexual exploitation of children or young people by tourists anywhere in the world. Even an uneasy feeling is enough to justify making a report because every piece of information counts!

To prevent false information from being laid under cover of anonymity, the official reporting form asks for your personal details. You need only fill in the fields associated with questions you can answer. Leave the other fields blank.

The following information is helpful for the authorities:

  • WHAT (situation) did you see WHEN and WHERE?
  • WHO were the people involved: adult(s), child(ren) or young person(s)?
  • Are you aware of whether any action was taken by a third party in the matter at the time (hotel staff, hotel patrons, tour management etc.)?
  • Specific details: are there photos or videos associated with the suspicious situations?

Please note: If you believe that the situation is urgent, speak to the tour operator or hotel management or contact the ECPAT organisation in the country of your destination. It will take over the coordination with local child protection organisations or the police.