Useful links

Fair unterwegs

Independent, non-profit travel portal. Rather than travel advertisements or a direct booking function, fair unterwegs features insightful information and specific courses of action promoting fair interactions with people and nature while travelling. Only in German.

Arbeitskreis Tourismus und Entwicklung – Working Group on Tourism and Development 

AKTE (Arbeitskreis Tourismus und Entwicklung) is a Swiss non-profit organisation that looks at tourism from a development-policy perspective, provides information to the public and travellers and advocates just, fair relationships in the context of tourism in a critical dialogue with businesses in the tourism industry. In English, German and French.

Tourism Watch: Information Service

The TourismWatch Information Service publishes a quarterly newsletter providing reports and background information about tourism in developing countries and draws attention to conferences and new publications on the topic. In English and German.

Federal Office of Police fedpol

The Federal Office of Police has a special unit charged with handling paedophile and child pornography cases. It cooperates closely with numerous partner services in Switzerland and abroad.

The Code

The Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism – a tourist-industry initiative to combat the sexual abuse of children in the tourism sector.

ECPAT International

ECPAT International is a global network of organisations working to put an end to the sexual exploitation and trafficking of children and young people.

European Campaign Against Child Sex Tourism

“Don’t Look Away!” is a project aimed at promoting new ways to combat the sexual exploitation of children in the context of tourism. It is co-funded by the European Union, and also receives support from ministries and other public and private organisations and individuals in the 16 European countries involved. In English, German, French and Italian.

Do not offend

Do you feel sexually attracted to children or young people? In Switzerland, the Forensic Institute of Eastern Switzerland (forio) provides help and counselling for men and women with a sexual preference for children who want to protect themselves from committing sexual offenses. In German only.

On the German website, an associated partner of forio, you will find further literature and offerings on this topic.